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Advantages of a making your restaurant's online content mobile friendly

Mobile friendly!!

That is a term which we are hearing a lot these days. Mobile friendly in context of a restaurant owner means that whatever online content you have related with your food place, should be capable of being rendered in a small hand held device without loosing aesthetic appeal, content and functionality.

So why is it such a big deal ?

Google on August-2018 made a big change to their core algorithm. After the change so many websites reported that their ranking in the search engine took a hit. Even though google has not released the parameters they modified, based on what is reported widely across tech forums and search engine-watchers is that google tuned up their mobile first indexing process. 

Mobile-first indexing means Google will predominantly use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. 

Foodcliff suggests the following to make sure you or your online partner keeps your content mobile friendly.

If you own and run your own website.

  1. Confirm with your technology team that your website is mobile friendly. If not, even though it is going to be an investment to make it so, it is worth it. Also, a separate mobile website seems like a good idea but beware of the maintenance overhead on this. It is very much possible to maintain one copy of your website which is both mobile and desktop friendly. 
  2. Ask for mobile compatibility stats of your web page from search engines. Your technology team should be able to share with you how google or other search engines scores your page on mobile friendliness. Google's search console offers is a free tool to check it your self. (May need a one time setup effort by a tech person)
  3. Run a website promotion campaign and capture engagement details. Capturing engagement details of a promotion helps you to understand how many people are accessing your website and what devices they are using - Mobile or Desktop. 

If you are part of an online platform like Foodcliff

  1. Ask your partner for your user engagement stats. The platform should be able to provide you a real time report of how engaging you customer are to your mobile page in the platform's app or website. 

Think about this, everybody is on their phone most of the time and targeting to get more screen time on your customer's device should be part of your marketing strategy.


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